Story of Tedallal

Story of Tedallal


As a business owner, it costs too much to acquire a new customer. I usually use social media and social media influencers to attract new customers. I was wondering What shall I do to keep those customers.

I thought a lot to find a way That helps in retaining customers , then I applied gift cards.  I took time
to design the card . Then to  visit a printing agency to choose a suitable sort of card-paper and waiting few days till cards were ready.

The problem was that customer always lose their cards. They continuously came murmuring of losing or forgetting the cards.

When I started my IT company, I thought about a tool instead of paper-cards. I thought of creating a loyalty management system. An application that helps in Overcome the problem of Losing the paper cards and strengthens customer relations

Interacting with customers makes the purchasing more pleasant and increases the connection to the business. It creates an emotional engagement that tells the customers that we are interested in them.
I thought that it is key to convince customers to stay loyal to a small business.

It is a loyalty management system, helps in communicating regularly with my customers and keeping them informed of changes, developments, and special offers.It encourages customers to spend more to get to the next level of perks.

Our developers started developing the system in January 2022.When it was ready, I called it Tdallal. Tdallal Is an
Arabic word which means mollycoddled.

With happiness and pride, On the 1st of October, 2022
When it appeared, It has been given to a relative to check Its effectiveness and the ease of use When it succeeded as a prototype, I signed an agreement with a  ———— to use the app for their members.

Tdallal was ready, I logged in Masar website to add Tdallal as the first mobile  application, developed by Masar Al-Khebra So people will know more  about it when they visit the website I wrote the features of Tdallal to convince the visitors to subscribe or to make a subscription decision. 

Tdallal has proven itself as a digital product, with Quality equals to international loyalty systems. Masar Al-Khebra will continue to innovate and provide the best ,locally produced ,digital mobile applications for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and all over the world.  

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