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About Masar Tech

A team of experts who are passionate about helping companies flourish in the digital age. Masar Tech is here to revolutionize the world of technology and information systems consulting. With their vast knowledge and experience, Masar Tech is committed to helping their clients develop their technology business and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. They are a dedicated team of professionals who took pride in their ability to provide cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

We offer various digital solutions such as building websites and web applications. Although our first product was LMS, which we have sold to more than 20 customers in the training sector. We could successfully create other application such as E-FATOORAH and TDALLAL. Our invoicing system E-FATOORAH was accredited by of Zatca. Our goals are to build sustainable relationships with clients, to improve the product, and to be a well-known company in creating websites and web and mobile applications that meet our customers’ needs and enable them to achieve globalization

20 years’ experience in ducation 10 years’ experience in Training  3 years’ experience in digital product Management  Ebtihaj Allaf is the founder of Masar Tech. Masar Tech is a sole proprietorship licensed by the Communications and Information Technology Commission ( CITC ). Masar has the resources, skills, infrastructure and experience. It focuses on helping clients develop their technology and obtain recognizable , sustainable brands.

Ebtihaj Allaf began the business in 2020, when she realized that it is the time for digital transformation in training and education. Education is an essential part in human development and needs to be digitalized. She thought that implantation of LMS will be more effective and it will certainly cut cost and increase productivity.She started developing LMS that would help the owner of educational and training institutes to transform digitally. Then she could sell her first digital product. As a return on the investment, these institutes were accredited as online training providers. Now that the business has achieved local success, Ebtihaj is looking to expand. Masar Board envisions a future where training center and institute can go global. The company hopes to grow its customer base throughout the Gulf States by the end of 2023. To achieve the target, the company has registered as a vender in local content and Government Procurement Authority.

Our Team

We are a group of experts dedicated to revolutionizing the world of technology and information systems consulting.


Abtihaj Allaf

Founder & CEO


Rowid Abdullateef

Financial Manager


Ahid Alquad

Software Engineer

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