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What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo software is an open-source integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Odoo offers a wide range of various applications to manage different aspects of business. Odoo can be customized to meet the needs of both small and large companies, providing detailed reports and data analytics to assist companies in decision-making.

Key features

Key features of Odoo software include:

  • It provides a comprehensive set of applications to cover various aspects of business, from sales and purchases to accounting, warehouse management, and human resources.

  • Users can access the source code, allowing customization and adaptation according to the company’s needs.

  • A simple user interface design makes learning and using Odoo easy.

  • Odoo has an active community of developers and users, promoting continuous improvement and strong support.

  • It allows integration with external applications and web services, expanding the system’s capabilities.

  • Odoo is regularly updated with new releases adding features and improvements.

  • Due to its open-source nature, companies can reduce installation and customization costs.

  • Allows globally operating companies to integrate their systems effectively.

  • Provides powerful reporting tools to help companies understand their performance and make strategic decisions.

Exploring Odoo's Diverse ERP Applications

Odoo offers a variety of applications to meet different needs in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Here is an overview of some key products it offers


Manages quotations, invoices, and orders, allowing tracking of sales operations.


Facilitates the management of purchasing operations, from purchase orders to inventory checks.


Provides an integrated accounting system for recording accounts, managing finances, and presenting financial reports.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Controls inventory flow and tracks material movement in the warehouse.

Project Management

Facilitates planning and tracking of projects, from task assignment to reporting and analysis.

Human Resources

Offers tools for employee management, from hiring to performance management.


Assists in organizing marketing campaigns, tracking customers, and analyzing campaign effectiveness.

Website and E-commerce

Provides tools for creating websites and managing e-commerce operations.


Helps organize maintenance and manage technical support services.

Point of Sale

Offers a system for managing sales operations in stores and points of sale.

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