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From a house, overlooking the Holy and its walls had been hit by frequent prayers. A house surrounded by small that I had frequently been to please my desire for learning that what were the reason beyond my certainty and inspiration. Days passed quickly, from studying to profession.

In 2013, I joined Manchester Metropolitan university, in UK to get a master’s in Business Administration. In 2016, I moved to Jeddah and I established a training institute to support job seekers getting hired.

During the Pandemic (Covid 19), I focused on developing a learning management system that cuts time, money and efforts used in the traditional approach. When the system was ready, I signed an agreement with a Saudi university to use the system as a platform to launch 90 training courses on the Saudi National Day (the ninetieth). On the first day of its launching. It received 40,000 Visitors and issued unlimited number of certificates.

The success of the system prompted me establish Masar Tic for Information Technology. 

We live in an era of unprecedented innovation and limitless possibilities. Technology has become the cornerstone of progress, empowering organizations to thrive and individuals to achieve their full potential.

Abtihaj Allaf
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