Future Factories Program

Revolutionizing manufacturing with Industry 4.0 technologies for smart, data-driven growth and efficiency.

Industry 4.0

Empowering factories with Industry 4.0 technologies is essential for ushering in a new era of smart manufacturing and global competitiveness.

Industry 4.0 represents a groundbreaking concept that revolutionizes the manufacturing sector through the seamless integration of digital technologies. This innovative approach focuses on the development of smart factories, leveraging automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, flexibility, and growth.

Industry 4.0 Key Principles

Connectivity & Interoperability

Enabling seamless communication and integration between devices and systems for optimized operations in Industry 4.0


Streamlining processes through technology to enhance efficiency and productivity

Data-driven decision-making

Utilizing insights from real-time data analysis to inform strategic choices and optimize outcomes

Future factories program

The “Future Factories” program follows the SIRI (Smart Industries Readiness Index) methodology

It is the index adopted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and approved by the World Economic Forum to assess the digital maturity of factories.