Magnet Tech

Magnet Tech

Magnet Tech is a Framework Management tool that enables platforms with several programming frameworks to be properly integrated with the Saudi NeLC.

The Challange or the Pain

Several platforms facing challenges in performing Api-integration with the Saudi NeLC

The Solution

Magnet Tech is offered by MASAR Tech as a solution to the challenge.

Magnet Tech has proved successful integration

Preserving the unsent data in the event of a technical defect or lack of data from the platform and sending the data after completing to ensure the continuity of the linking process and the non-occurrence of violations by the National Center.

What does Magnet Tech do?

It saves cost , time , and effort.

Profits for NELC

IT Design
works as a proxy to the NeLC.

Providing a firewall on several levels and monitoring by specialists in cybersecurity to protect against security breaches.

IT Security
Providing secure databases.

Benefits for Platform Owners

IT Design
Provide a dashboard for each admin to be updated with the transmission.

Updating the linking process with the NeLC on a regular basis based on the updates and standards issued by the NeLC.

IT Security
Report of the transmitted data.

The Product

The product has many advantages that overcome other systems

Gain greater

  • easy connected
  • safe data
  • hacker- free
  • proper integration
  • professional dashboard
  • keeping records of unsuccessful integration


Pain reliever

  • mistakes notifications
  • well organized reports
  • proper data transition
  • proper data controlled
  • professional dashboard


Customer Job

The product has many advantages that ease the work of its users


  • provide connection
  • professional dashboard
  • increase productivity
  • building trust
  • safe money



  • feeling in a mess
  • lose money
  • not safe
  • an endless efforts
  • unlimited time